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04 Enero 2019 1

Autor: Jimena González Sanz.

Welcome back to our English section! First of all we want to wish you a Happy New Year 2019! As you know it is time for new years resolutions and what is best than proposing yourself for an exciting adventure like visiting new parts of London or London if you have not already visited yet.

Whenever you go, you cannot forget to visit the exciting and free Museum of Natural Science, the British museum and the National Gallery (I do also recommend you to go to St. Patrick´s Cathedral, which is free if you visit durin mass time). You must take a walk on both sides of the river Thames. You can start from the Tower of London and then cross through Tower bridge visiting the town hall and stopping to take a lunch at Borough Market. Once the energies have been charged then take a glimpse of the most popular theatre: the Globe, stop at the Tate Gallery grab a coffee and appreciate its Art works, then enjoy London´s views from the Eye and if you are not tired enough visit the aquarium next to it. Then you can cross the Thames through Westminster Bridge and enjoy the Big Ben, The House of Parliaments and Westminsters Abbey. Hyde Park is great during sunny days and it is next to Buckingham Palace a must when you plan to visit London for the first time. If you enjoy shopping you cannot forget to visit Carnaby Street, the market of Portobello road on Saturdays and The Candem (not to mention the super expensive Harrods.) This is, however, one side of London everybody is familiar with (or at least ever heard about it!)

But today I want to offer you as different view of this wonderful and vibrant city, the East of London that you might be familiar with because the Sherlock Holmes films and the murder stories of Jack the ripper.

The East of London starts next to the City of London also called Square Mile. It is the financial district and it is one of the wealthiest areas in the world. During the week it is crowded of business people.

However, the East of London is another story altogether. You just have to cross the street in the City and you have entered the traditional working class area of London called the East end. The best place to see this contrast is in Liverpool Street because on one side, you can see the high skyscrapers and on the other side, you can see the narrow alleyways that have not changed since 19th century.

In this area there has been different groups of inmigrants coming and going for decades, French hugonotes, jewsand nowadays muslims from Pakistan. So here you will be able to find curry houses and the authentic curries inEngland.

Well the East London is nor a secret anymore and nowadays thereare loads of fashionable bars and shops and houses, but if you happen to go to London we highly recommend to find some time to there the next time you find yourself in London it is worth it!