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04 diciembre 2017 6

Autor: Verónica Amaro Bermejo


It's Christmas time, that time of the year again! Many people around the world are celebrating Christmas. For some it is a religious occasion; for others it is a chance to relax and get together with friends and family. It's that most wonderful time of year, when friends and families can bond, share quality time together and exchange gifts.

This is a Christmas review where you can learn Christmas vocabulary, find out about Christmas celebrations and fun apps, write and send out holiday greetings, count down to the big day, play holiday-themed games and more.





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¿Te ayudamos en...? - Keep an eye in English


01 noviembre 2017 1

Autor: Jimena Gonzalez Sánz.

Welcome back to our section! Are you still motivated towards English language learning? Whether your answer is yes or no do not stop and continue reading because today we can offer you another resource, which has a lot to do with that: motivation (and gaming too!)

This time we want to provide you some information about Duolingo ( It is also available on Google play so you can use it in your smartphone, tablet, laptop and MAC. In any case, you will need to have an email account. This app allows you to learn a second language for free! You just have to choose the target language and select your mother tongue. When it is done, you can select your goal. It can vary from casual to insane. Then you will find your personal coach DUO who is going to remind you every single day if you are on the right track to pursue the goal you chose.



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01 octubre 2017 1

Autor: Verónica Amaro Bermejo

Welcome back to our English section where we will try to make your learning easier and funnier.

Last month, we talked you about the basic skills we are going to work on in this section; listening, reading, speaking and writing. Well, as you know, we celebrate on the 31 of October, an Anglo-Saxon tradition that is increasingly visible in the rest of the world.

Here you can find some Halloween resources for you to work these four skills, mainly listening and reading, and at the same time you will enjoy learning English very much.




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¿Te ayudamos en...? - Keep an eye in English

Keep an eye in English. Introduction.

01 septiembre 1

Autor: Jimena González Sanz

Welcome to this section in our digital magazine where we are going to approach and make a little closer the study of Shakespeare´s language. It is highly probable you know that English is still one of the most studied and used language across the world. And maybe because in Spain we are still at the bottom of foreign language learning, we pretend from now on to help you with its acquisition in a different way. In this section and along the following articles we will propose some tools, advises and resources that can be helpful in this task. The majority of them will be online and free.




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